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This page is not important. This blog is to bring in light a lot of hidden facts and interesting things about SOA and allied technologies.

Feedbacks and Suggestions are always welcome.

The author of this blog is a Sun certified java programmer, sun certified developer in Java Web Services, IBM Certfied Websphere Message Broker Solution Developer and IBM certified SOA Associate. He is also a certified technology architect. He has worked mainly on Java and mainframe web services. He has worked on Ibm and oracle integration product stacks and has used various web services standards. He has published articles/ white papers on web services and SOA in various external and internal journals. He has worked on Oracle fusion middleware, IBM websphere message broker and some proprietary ESBs. All ideas or thoughts in this blog are his own (unless otherwise stated). All posts are for information purpose only.



2 Responses to “About”

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  2. mpronschinske said

    Hi Vivek,

    I was interested in featuring some of your content on DZone/Javalobby. I’m a curator for DZone. Send me an email mpron[at]dzone[dot]com and I can tell you about the details.


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