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SOA Services/ Web Services Vs APIs

Posted by Vivek on May 8, 2016

With a lot of emphasis of building APIs, web services have taken a back seat but it certainly does not mean that APIs can completely replace the conventional web services within an SOA environment. However, with the rapid technological advances and changing business requirements, most of the implementations have become API-centric. This post just highlights some of the key differences and draw a line between the two.

1. Mostly used internally by organizations or partners whereas APIs are mostly built for external consumers. APIs are seen as a way to unlock new revenue streams by creating a marketplace.

2. SOA services are mainly need based and are driven by existing IT or Business demands. APIs are developed keeping the future needs in mind and are key enabler for mobile and web based applications. SOA or webservices are suitable candidates in an event driven architecture.

3. SOA services are standard based and all standards have reached a certain level of maturity and are adopted by industries. APIs are often not standard based. There is no mandate to create a contract unlike that of WSDL in SOA.

4. Security is a key challenge when using APIs as most of them are exposed to the outside world. Most of the SOA Services are behind firewall and are within DMZs.

5. Scaling is another aspect to look at when using APIs. With an increase in the number of consumers, appropriate controls have to be in place for scaling in and scaling out APIs. For SOA services, it is easier to predict the volume of requests as they are driven by the internal business needs. A private API can be considered closer to SOA services.

6. APIs are mostly finely-grained to make them more reusable. Granurality in SOA Services can be coarse and is designed to make them reusable as well as composable.

7. API protyping tools like Apiary, Swagger etc help in rapidly developing interfaces and are easy to use. This is not always the case when you are designing services for SOA.

8. Services in SOA are well-equipped to handle complex integration challenges posed by different message formats, transport protocols and semantic standards. Almost all APIs are designed to communicate only using HTTP(S) protocols but the scenario is changing fast with the proliferation of Intenet of Things and the need for more asynchronous communication.





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