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Membrane SOAP Client – A beginner’s web service testing tool

Posted by Vivek on February 10, 2013

Those who are new to testing web services often complain about lack of a free tool that provides UI. Though SOAPUI has great capabilities, it requires you to have some understanding of XML. Even though XML is not a complex language to understand but it is sometimes hard for a beginner to find syntax errors or modify it. I find Membrane’s SOAP Client tool useful in such cases. All you need is to import the WSDL file and it generates a form containing text boxes for request parameters.

You can view the HTTP headers too like SOAPUI. The biggest disadvantage is that it only supports username authentication token for secutity. It is not a tool if you want support for WS-* standards. Anyways, you can edit the header details in the XML view of tool.

This tool can be downloaded from



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Using CURL to invoke web service

Posted by Vivek on February 10, 2013

CURL  is an interesting tool that provides command line option to send requests over HTTP/ HTTPS. It is a handy tool when there is a requirement to send requests in bulk or through a scheduled job using scripts.

To invoke a service using CURL, you just need to create web service request, place it in a directory and run curl command as a client. For example, to send binary data using CURL:

curl –data-binary @MySOAPRequest.xml http://<host>:<port>/MyService

There are various command line options. A comprehensive list and exit codes can be found here:

You can download CURL binaries from –

After downloading, make sure that you add CURL to the PATH environment variable.

If there is a need to execute some security functiona, download OpenSSL and place libssl32.dll file into the CURL directory.

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