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3 reasons to use REST

Posted by Vivek on January 17, 2013

Here are a few reasons why REST is gaining popularity:

1. Need for speed – REST can take advantage of HTTP caching and proxy to provide improved speed. Example – cacheable map tiles in Google maps  

2. Efficient parsing – It is easy to parse JSON, plain old XML (POX) than the verbose SOAP

3. Reduce network traffic – SOAP messages generally require compression when passed over network. Passing lighter JSON, POX messages will consume less bandwidth.

REST is the backbone of web 2.0. It is now supported by all major vendors like IBM, Oracle and Microsoft. With cloud, adoption of REST has also increased. REST retains advantages of XML such as platform and language independence. Languages like Perl, python and javascript also support REST. Deployment of a REST based service is easy. Also, RESTful services are scalable.


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