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Execution Group properties of a local/remote WMB

Posted by Vivek on September 10, 2011

Those using IBM WMB sometimes face issues when they have to connect to a remote broker and deploy their code to an execution group.  The utility (mqsireportproperties) provided by IBM Websphere Message Broker does not allow to read the properties of a remote broker and it is sometimes not possible to log on to a remote broker machine to execute the mqsireportproperties command. Common problems faced by users in such situation are –

1. User requires MB toolkit/ MQ Explorer 7 to connect to broker and see EG details. It is difficult for a user who does not have these tools on his/her machine.

2. User cannot see/ set the properties like debug port, HTTP port on an execution group.

Most user do not know that they can leverage the ConfiguarionManagerProxy APIs as a workaround mainly because WMB users are not generally java savvy. Here is a utility (Simple Java Program) which will help to set and report the properties on a local or remote broker. It is easy to alter and run from command line.


1. Java 6

2. Following jars are added in  classpath – ConfigManagerProxy.jar (located at ../MQSI/7.0/classes), (located at ../Websphere MQ/Java/lib) and (located at …/Websphere MQ/Java/lib)

import java.util.Enumeration;









 * This utility connect to a broker and reports the properties on an execution

 * group.


 * @author vivek



public class EGStatusReport {

      public static void main(String args[]) {

            try {

                  BrokerConnectionParameters bcp = new MQBrokerConnectionParameters(

                              “localhost”, 1425, “MYQMGR”);

                  BrokerProxy b = BrokerProxy.getInstance(bcp);

                  Enumeration<ExecutionGroupProxy> listEG = b


                  while (listEG.hasMoreElements()) {

                        ExecutionGroupProxy egIter = listEG.nextElement();

                        // Get Execution Group Name


                                    .println(“Execution Group Name – ” + egIter.getName());


                        System.out.println(“Debug Port of EG – ”

                                    + egIter.getDebugPort());


                        System.out.println(“HTTP port enabled on EG – ”

                                    + egIter.getRuntimeProperty(“HTTPConnector/port”));

                        // Get List of Message Flows and their details

                        Enumeration<MessageFlowProxy> listMsgFlow = egIter


while (listMsgFlow.hasMoreElements()) {

                              MessageFlowProxy msgFlow = listMsgFlow.nextElement();

                              // Get name of message flow

                              System.out.println(“Messsage Flow Name – ”

                                          + msgFlow.getName());

                              // Get BAR File Name

                              System.out.println(“BAR File Name – ”

                                          + msgFlow.getBARFileName());

                              // Get time of deployment

                              System.out.println(“Deployed at – ”

                                          + msgFlow.getDeployTime());

                              // Get run status of Message Flow

                              System.out.println(“Is run enabled? – ”

                                          + msgFlow.isRunEnabled());


                        // Get number of deployed objects

                        System.out.println(“No of deployed objects – ”

                                    + egIter.getDeployedObjectsCount(null));


            } catch (ConfigManagerProxyLoggedException e) {


            } catch (ConfigManagerProxyPropertyNotInitializedException e) {





Refer to the following URL for complete list of methods:


One Response to “Execution Group properties of a local/remote WMB”

  1. syam said

    This is great script, helps me to get UUID for my EGs, but some reason the message flows are not getting displayed
    Looks like this is not getting the list from EG
    // Get List of Message Flows and their details
    Enumeration listMsgFlow = egIter
    As you said, I am guru in IIB but blank in JAVA.
    can you help why getMessageFlows(null) doesn’t return any flows deployed in that EG?


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