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SOA Testing – Tools in the market

Posted by Vivek on May 9, 2010

Here is a list of the leading testing tools available in the market to test the SOA components. I believe that no tool can completely fulfill the testing requirements of an SOA but you can accomplish a lot. The tools should be intelligent enough to carry out:

i. Schema/ WSDL/ SOAP validation
ii. Simulation of webservice, both client and server  i.e., mock services
iii. Testing of web services standards such as web services addressing, security, reliable messaging etc.
iv. WS-I conformance testing
v. Testing of intermediaries
vi. Governance testing. Validation of design and run time policies and Service versioning.
vii. Asynchronous and notification framework testing
viii. Orchestration and Choreography testing
ix. Performance testing

Below is a list of tools that cover some or most of the above points:

1. Green Hat GH Tester : This tools provides comprehensive testing of SOA. Helpful in providing performance and security related testing and validation of SOA and BPM components. You can monitor SOA performance and track service invocation and response.

2. Mindreef SOAPScope Server : Acquired by progress software. Allows creation of mock services, validation and compliance checking.

3. Parasoft SOATest : Helps in performance or load and security testing. Provides governance testing by performing policy enforcement checks. Allows creation of mock services and performing regression testing.

4. Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar : Performs functional, performance, compliance, and security testing across SOAP, XML, and REST based services.

5. iTKO Lisa : Performs UDDI test/ validation, performance , validation and compliance and mock service testing.

6. Matador Tech Tester : suitable for validation and regression testing.

7. SOAP UI: Performs functional, load/ performance and mock service testing. Also helpful in validation and compliance testing.



7 Responses to “SOA Testing – Tools in the market”

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  2. SOAP UI is really a great tool used successfully to implement SOA for several global applications interconnecting several organizations for my projects.
    Very easy to use. All the functionalities I needed.
    jb – Program Director (hands on)


  3. Radha said

    in SOAPUI 2.5.1 data driven testing is not user friendly. if someone has a prcodure pl send


  4. J Jaikish Pai said

    Could anyone suugest a tool similar to SOAP UI for SOA Testing for REST ful project.


  5. Dora said

    Can anyone provide the soapUI tool architecture?


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