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Why not Message or EAI Broker?

Posted by Vivek on December 25, 2009

There has been lot of discussion whether to use message brokers (hub and spoke integration broker or EAI hubs) or ESB to integrate applications and build SOA. While most of the people think that they can still extract most out of an EAI broker, here are some pain points that I want to highlight:

1. Message broker allows centralized routing between applications which means that it doesnt allow regional control over local integration domains.
2. BPM tools cant build choreography or business processes that can span departments or business units. So a message broker is a hindrance to implementing SOA.
3. A message broker is limited by the underlying MOM in its ability to cross physical network LAN segment boundaries and firewalls.
4. Proprietary nature of brokers combined with the high cost of consulting usually results-in vendor lock-in or an expensive restart for each subsequent project.
5. Implementation time is high.
6. Integration softwares are expensive


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