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WSRR Installation Issues

Posted by Vivek on March 6, 2009

WSRR or Websphere Service Registry and Repository is IBM’s answer to a robust SOA Governance solution framework. Every complex product brings some issues along with it and when its an IBM product, it is obvious.

If you are installing WSRR 6.1, make sure you have followed the below mentioned steps:

1. Installed Websphere Application Server (WAS) or later.  If not, first install Update Installer in WAS Installation Directory.

2. Install Websphere Application Server fix pack using Update Installer on top of existing Websphere Application Server installation.

3. Install IBM SDK SR6 using Update Installer from here

4. Install Oracle or DB2 database and create database schema.

5. Install Websphere Service Registry Repository

6. Deploy WSRR on WAS using “deploywizard” or “installall” batch/shell scripts (Located under WSRR_HOME/install directory).

To download Update Installer, interim fix and Fix Packs 13 for windows, Click Here

Note: Web Service feature pack is not required for WSRR. If you have already installed Web Services feature pack, please install interim fix and Fix Pack for Web Services feature pack before following step 3. (Not Recommended)

Chances are that deployment of WSRR ear on WAS may fail. In such cases, make sure that

1. you have correctly specified server and profile details of WAS on one of the deployement details screens.

2. If you are on database details screen, choose “Preload the database” option rather than “Reuse an existing database” option. If not, you may end up getting only configuration perpective of WSRR. Administrator and User perspective may not be visible. Though, you can go to Configuration –> Manage Configuration Profile –> Configuration Profiles from your WSRR Homepage, Select Load Configuration Profile, Browse to $REGISTRY_HOME/samples, select, select OK and Restart server.

3. If you have opted for Oracle database, make sure you have set Oracle_JDBC_Driver_Path. If not, go to WAS Administrative Console –> Environment –> Websphere variables. Set the value for Oracle_JDBC_Driver_Path and restart server.


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