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Preserve white spaces in a SOAP message

Posted by Vivek on January 30, 2009

Sometimes, the business requirement mandates that a SOAP request/response should maintain leading or trailing spaces that are present in a variable. By default, this does not happen. For example, you may expect ” ABC” or “ABC “, but you get “ABC”. The spaces are removed. Also, you may encounter issues if you use a binding mechanism like JAXB to marshal/ unmarshal xml fragments.  This requires modifying the default marshalling or unmarshalling behavior. This is how you can still maintain any whitespaces:

Before marshalling call

marshaller.setPropertyMarshaller.JAXB_ENCODING, “UTF-8”)

 which informs MarshallerImpl#createWriter(…) to create a UTF8XmlOutput instead of SAXOutput. 

UTF8XmlOutput escapes line-break into “ ”, which will be preserved when unmarshalling is performed by any xml parser.


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