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Managing registry without a repository?

Posted by Vivek on October 27, 2008

When it comes to SOA Governance practice, the first thing advocated is having a registry-repository. In almost all the cases, the registry and repository are two seperate entities. They are integrated using some utility to serve the purpose of a good SOA Governance solution.  When Oracle acquired BEA, it knew that with this acquisition it will get some powerful tools of SOA that are classified under Aqualogic series.

AquaLogic Enterprise Repository or ALER is now going to be rebranded as Oracle Enterprise Repository. What about Aqualogic Service registry (ALSR) ? Well, ALSR is nothing but an OEM version of Systinet registry (now acquired by HP). So when BEA was rebranding Sytinet registry, Oracle was also doing the same. Oracle rebranded systinet registry as Oracle Service Registry (OSR). Most of the people will now think that Oracle has redundant registry but it is not completely true. Aqualogic was not supposed to support oc4j servers whereas all products belonging to Oracle breed should support oc4j server. Though Oracle is now looking to come out of this thought process. Replacing embedded oc4j server with weblogic server in jdeveloper is one such example. But how did Oracle manage to have a registry without a repository? The answer is Oracle never had a full SOA governance solution in place because the governance process has to be automated. One cannot claim that he can manage the lifecyle of an asset without synchronizing the changes, that a service is undergoing, across the organization.

To avoid the changes that can occur while moving the assets to a new location, the importance of having a repository in place cannot be undermined. Moving one step further, the repository can have a workspace to facilitate accelerated development of artifacts.


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