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SOA Governance

Posted by Vivek on August 23, 2008

Any organization willing to implement SOA should already have a plan for its governance. Most people think that SOA Governance is optional and it’s not true. Without SOA Governance it is impossible to reap the true benefits of a full-fledged SOA. Some benefits that are directly related to success of any organization.

With the widespread adoption of SOA, the challenges associated with SOA projects are emerging. SOA governance isnt optional its imperative. Without it, return on investment will be low and every SOA project out of pilot phase will be at risk.
                                                        Paolo Malinverno
                                                           Gartner, Inc.1

Failure to provide effective SOA governance exposes your organization to serious risks:
• Insufficient knowledge of available services
• General failure to reuse services
• Unnecessary, uncontrolled service duplication
• Resources wasted on services that can’t be reused
• Service sprawl across siloed SOAs
• Ineffective communication of best practices.


A good blog on SOA Governance:

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